Today, you can still see the beauty and grace of the property starting with the classical architecture and continuing with the spacious grounds. Not the least of which is the magnificent Banyan Tree that has flourished on the back lawn and inspired the naming of Banyan Estate. Built as the areas’ first county school in 1927, the Historic Malabar Schoolhouse has been used for many purposes over the years and the owners continue to meet local residents who know and love the property and add to its unique vintage character.

The owners of the Banyan Estate,  Joanne and Tom, have always had a love for historic architecture and vintage elements. They find that all of these properties have their own unique character and stories. As you step onto the Banyan Estate, each room and outdoor space shows you its own personality and elegance providing a perfect backdrop to add your style and creativity to your special event. Joanne and Tom look forward to the chapter you create in the Banyan Estate story.